Short Term Investigations

Cost effective private investigation solutions that you can’t get elsewhere.
You might think of private investigations as being time consuming and costing the earth. Our short term investigations are designed for everyday people – providing you with cost effective private investigations solutions that you can’t get elsewhere.

Often, our short term investigations can be wrapped up within days – giving you answers to questions and solutions to problems that may have been plaguing you for years. The evidence we provide you with can help you to speed up legal processes, providing proof and giving you a clear path forward.

When you feel like you’ve reached the end of the road with a problem, or you need an extra level of reassurance, let us step in and provide you with private investigations support and proof. Whether you suspect your partner of cheating, you have doubts of an employee’s sick leave claim or you want to check a business investor’s credentials, we’ll give you a clear picture.

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  • There’s nothing worse than the sickening feeling in your stomach of being betrayed by the person you love. Worse still, is if you know they’re lying about it. Our private investigation services will get you concrete evidence of a cheating partner while maintaining discretion.

    Get the answers and proof that you need to help you move forward.

    • Validate your suspicions
    • Gather evidence of a cheating partner
    • Build a picture

    Our approach will give you definitive answers, while allowing you to keep and store evidence that you might need for future court proceedings or police investigations. It can be easy for a cheating partner to hide evidence from you, but our approach gets you answers quickly and discreetly.

    In today’s digital world, it doesn’t take us long to catch a cheating partner – if you want answers quickly then we’re ready to help.

  • Do you have concerns about where your partner is going? Perhaps your young children are being looked after by a nanny, and you have worries about places they are visiting? Vehicle tracking will help to develop a concrete plan and allow you to come to conclusions based on hard evidence.

    • Find out what locations are being visited and when
    • Plan for photography or filming at certain times and places
    • Spot patterns in locations to grow evidence base

    Vehicle tracking can provide you with valuable information that can help form a clear picture of any activity. We’ll enable you to nip any potential problems in the bud, saving you time and money, which can be invaluable if you’re faced with having to prove movement or activity when you’re not around.

    Whatever your reason for needing vehicle tracking, we can help.

  • Have you lost contact with someone that you want to re-connect with? Perhaps someone who owes you money has disappeared? Even in a digital age, it can be easy for people to disappear, which can make you feel hopeless in the pursuit of the truth.

    We can find people even when they’re trying to hide so that you can connect the dots and get answers, whatever your question is.

    People tracing will help you to:

    • Prove a person’s whereabouts
    • Serve them with court documents
    • Demonstrate their financial liability
    • Verify their identity if they’ve changed their name

    If you need to know where someone is, we will build a dossier of evidence that proves, beyond doubt, where they are. Our people tracing service gathers evidence from our intelligence operatives around the world, so you can be assured that you’re getting the best chance to find someone who is missing.

  • Long term sickness and a high absence rate can have an impact on businesses, benefits claims and, ultimately, trust. It can cost businesses thousands of pounds a year in false claims, lowering work ethos and morale to boot.

    We offer fast, discreet investigations to determine how legitimate sickness and absenteeism claims are and get you proof that you can use in tribunals and in the courts.

    While many cases of long term sickness and absenteeism can be justified and dealt with appropriately, often employers and organisations are left with questions. We help you to:

    • Get answers for a high absence rate
    • Prevent fraud
    • Make a concrete case

    If you have an employee with a high absence rate that needs investigating, then we can help. Within a short time period we can get you answers that validate claims or concerns. Long-term sickness and absenteeism deception can cause havoc with your workload and your profits, we can put a stop to it for good.

  • Divorce can be an emotional time and discussions around child custody can become tense. It can also be filled with anxiety. Ultimately, you want a positive outcome with your children’s safety as a priority. We understand how hard it is to prove your case in court, and how challenging it can be providing evidence.

    We’ll gather proof and give you someone in your corner.

    • Background checks provide a bigger picture
    • Surveillance evidence can ensure child welfare claims and child custody cases are taken seriously
    • Cohabitation issues can be resolved swiftly with proof

    If your divorce has turned into a back and forth between partners, dragged out legal proceedings and battling over child custody claims that are hard to prove – let us help. We’ll provide evidence that quickly proves or disproves any claims being made, speeding up your process and giving you peace of mind.

    We offer you support during one of the most difficult times of your life.

  • Remote locations can be tricky to keep an eye on. Often these spots are identified by fly tippers for that very reason. We can help set up discreet monitoring equipment to build you a picture of what’s happening on your land and who’s responsible.

    You’ll get:

    • Video evidence that proves fly tipping
    • Identity and number plate checks
    • Recording equipment that can be used at any time of day

    All of this evidence can be used in court to prove what’s been happening and to prevent it from happening again. It doesn’t take long for us to gather proof for fly tipping, so if it’s becoming a nightmare for you we can bring it to an end quickly.

    Fly tipping isn’t just a nuisance – it can also lead to much larger problems like commercial waste fraud. Our surveillance helps to catch the culprits, stop it from happening and build a bigger picture of why it’s happening.

  • It’s always nice to know that the person you’re talking to actually is who they say they are. We run background checks to offer you peace of mind when you’re on the online dating scene so that you can:

    • Stay safe
    • Save your time
    • Spot the signs early that something’s not right

    Online safety isn’t just for children – we’ve all heard the stories about catfishing, elaborating or eliminating stories from the past to appear like a dream date and we can all be vulnerable when our hearts are involved.

    If you’d like some reassurance or an extra pair of eyes, our online dating background checks will give you confidence and clarity.

  • Taking on a business partner? Employing someone new? Maybe, you’re hiring a private nanny? There’s an element of trust involved and it can be hard to make some decisions based on face value. Often, the decisions you’re being asked to make can carry a certain amount of risk.

    We can offer you additional peace of mind by running a comprehensive background check to make sure someone’s story checks out.

    • Find any gaps in someone’s past
    • Corroborate their story with your evidence
    • Make more informed decisions

    Getting a good idea of someone’s background can help you to ask the right questions too. Interviews, character assessments and questions can all be shaped by the right research.

    Get insight into the people you need to and let a complete background check prevent you from making a decision that you might regret.

  • It can seem onerous to run due diligence in business when you want to be focusing on the day-to-day. But some time spent taking care of larger decisions could pay dividends in the long run.

    Running due diligence can help you mitigate any risk that might not be immediately obvious through your own research:

    • Check the validity of any donors and donations
    • Ensure the credibility of Board of Director hires
    • Get a full background of any mergers and acquisitions so you get a complete picture

    Making good business decisions isn’t just about managing your money. We look at financial, personal and behavioural data to help you gain invaluable insight so that you can make smarter, and safer, choices.

    Due diligence gives you peace of mind and mitigates the risk of the unknown.

  • If you’re suspicious that you’re being investigated, or followed, then you want to feel safe and for someone to be looking out for you too. If you’re being investigated, counter surveillance will help you to build a bank of your own evidence that you’ve got behind you to rely on when you need it.

    If you suspect that you’re being secretly investigated then counter surveillance can help to:

    • Remove any potential threats or leaks, like bugs
    • Conduct searches and surveillance to ensure security of you and your premises
    • Trace digital information pathways to spot any breaches in data security

    Counter surveillance is discreet and doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day life. Our team will ensure that your information is protected and that any threats to its security are identified and removed, with evidence collected and recorded.

    Don’t suffer in silence, ask us to provide you with some protection.

  • We’re used to a lot of data being collected on us, but what about if you think you’ve been bugged? Maybe you’re concerned about how private information has got into the public domain? Bugs are difficult to detect and spot, but if you have suspicions then a bug sweep will find them.

    We can sweep for bugs at home, in your car, at your work and on your personal devices.

    • Locate bugs and stop leaks
    • Identify sources
    • Stop further breaches of information

    Acting quickly and conducting a bug sweep can stop the release of sensitive information and conversations. We’ll sweep and remove any bugs, analyse them for data and trace them to their source so that your information is protected and the evidence is logged.

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options, we want to help.